No Kill Huntsville
 saving animals through advocacy

Welcome to No Kill Huntsville
No Kill Huntsville is a coalition of local animal welfare advocates, rescuers and shelter directors who came together in January of 2012 to speak with one voice to seek better for our community. We strive to make ours a no kill community; a place where healthy and treatable animals are not destroyed in our municipal shelter using our tax dollars and resources because there are proven ways to save them.  There are hundreds of no kill communities across the country where the lives of shelter animals are saved while still ensuring public safety and fiscal responsibility. Those places don't have any of the resources we don't have right here; and it is our position that our community is smart enough, creative enough and progressive enough to do better using our tax dollars.

Since the time we formed our coalition, progress has been made by our municipal animal shelter - Huntsville Animal Services.  As of late 2014, animals in our shelter had a greater chance of making it out of the shelter alive at any time in the history of the City of Huntsville and Madison County.  We are hopeful that 2015 will bring with it a commitment from those who operate and oversee our shelter to make ours a no kill community by leaving the dated and archaic practice of destroying savable pets in the past where it belongs.

We invite you to learn about our current challenges related to animal sheltering and about the methods being used across the country to save shelter animals. If you support ours becoming a no kill community, we ask that you communicate that support to our local elected and appointed officials and encourage them to act with a sense of urgency to avoid further loss of life. Our community has many challenges which require complex solutions; saving the lives of shelter pets takes hard work, but is not complex and does not take increased cost output. It is a choice.
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